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Max Antonov
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Are you looking to transition into Product Management or advance your product management career?

I can demystify the Product Management career and work towards getting you a job as a Product Manager. I will help you with finding the skills you need to develop before making the switch to Product Management, how to navigate the hiring landscape, review your CV, and do interview prep.

I can help you identify your strengths, and areas for growth and put together an action plan for your product management career.

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Product Management Topics

  • Fundamentals of Product Management
  • Understanding the eco-system: Market, Customers, Business and Technology
  • Identifying challenges
  • Creating a Product Vision and Product Strategy
  • Creating a Product Roadmap
  • Product Roadmap prioritisation
  • Testing and validating your product ideas
  • Building new products and features with Agile and Shape Up methodologies 
  • Measuring your progress
  • Leadership, communications and soft skills 
  • Your first job as a Product Manager / Product Lead / Head of Product
  • Mistakes product managers make and how to avoid them

So, what is Product Management?

Product management is an organisational function that guides every step of a product’s lifecycle — from planning and development to positioning and pricing — by focusing on the product and its customers first and foremost. To build the best possible product, product managers advocate for customers within the organisation and make sure the voice of the market is heard and heeded.

About me

I have a decade of product management experience. I managed products and product teams at Yahoo!, THE ICONIC, NewsCorp and Brighte in Sydney, Australia.

I enjoy working in startups and growth companies. While I have experience in all areas, including Business, UX, and Technology, I have a particular interest in finance, data and logistics.

I’m currently a Head of Product at Backpocket, a FinTech start-up that is focused on solving a bunch of problems for a group of friends. I’m a mentor at Startmate.

I’m an expert in creating a product strategy, identifying customer problems, surfacing users’ underlying needs, designing & developing solutions and leading teams to deliver exceptional products excelling in performance.

I’m easy-going, approachable, non-judgmental and interested to learn about your challenges and seeing how I can help.

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  • No recurring fees. Pay once, and you'll get:
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